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Kyle and Client of the month: Debbie Kolbrick

Motivation, Dedication, Results!


Debbie Kolbrick: 17lbs, 5% Body Fat, 23 Inches

"Imagine having your own expert to motivate you, monitor your progress and ensure you're focusing on the right exercises.....well that is what Kyle Lackey is doing for me, he is helping me reach my goal faster and I am having fun doing it. Not only am I losing weight but more importantly gaining muscle tone. Kyle pushes me like I would never push myself. I do exercises that I wouldn't even think of doing. It is such an amazing boost, the motivation,advice, and encouragement that Kyle and Get Fitness has given me. I have made some truly amazing friends here and thank each and every one of them."

We realize that our Trainers aren't with you physically 24/7, but they can be through our web based program we can give you your own personal trainer right at home.

  • Calculate your daily calorie intake
  • Meal plans for the week or even month
  • Create your own workout plan that best fits you!