Training Tips From Our Personal Trainers

Q: How to get a six pack?

A: Before discussing the how to, let's look at our genetics. Each and every person has a difference in fat distribution from the next. Some have a more even distribution than others. Where fat reduction is concerned we are strictly at the mercy of our given genetics. What must be done is to work the larger muscles of the body with enough intensity and proper form to burn a sufficient amount of calories. In other words, we need to exercise to help show our abdominal muscles. With consistent practice it will pay off over time with respects to fat loss when combined with a sound diet. An example diet would be; 4-6 small meals that are higher in fiber (greens, raw fruits, vegetables and nuts) and lowers in animal proteins and fats. These should be eaten all throughout the day. Let's not forget proper hydration (about 1 gallon purified (if possible), bottled water per day coupled with plenty of rest (8 recommended). Mix in plenty of stress reducing nature walks, positive reflection and time spent away from cell phones, laptops, clocks and watches and watch the changes that occur in and to your body.

Q: How to get a flat belly?

A: Keeping your abdominal muscles held in tight is very important for good posture and to protect your back while lifting weights. Proper posture and form during exercise is imperative to get the most out of the exercise. If you hold your abdominal muscles in "belly button toward spine" it can help to protect your back from injury while lifting weights and during movements. This works not only while in the gym but throughout your normal routine during the day. Strengthening your core will help improve your balance.

Stand tall, lift your chest and keep your shoulders pulled back and downward. Hold in your abdominal muscles. Just by doing this your stomach immediately appears smaller and you look taller. Good posture is so important, especially for people with back pain.

Stretching out after a workout to gain flexibility and remaining flexible is key, especially as we age.

Q: Why working with a personal trainer is so important?

A: Personal trainers are certified experts in body, performance and health transformations. Not having a personal trainer is like trying to perform open heart surgery with out being a cardiac surgeon. We study the art of using different types of exercises such as aerobic, anaerobic, and strength training along with a correct eating plan. This will bring about a noticeable change in a fun, exciting, safe and efficient way, while keeping the individuals goal(s) in mind. Each person responds to exercise differently. It is the personal trainer's knowledge that assists in achieving the client's results by creating a tailored work out for their specific needs.

Q: How to get extreme fitness results on your own?

A: Any one can get fit on their own, but they are much more likely to quit, become injured, or reach their goal slower. Only 17% of people who join a gym reach their goal in the time frame they set for themselves. Out of that 17% that do succeed, 14% have a personal trainer. Personal trainers not only create workout plans, they provide accountability, motivation, push, and support positive lifestyle changes. But most important they keep working out fun!