Why Get Fitness

The best choice for your fitness needs!

We use state of the art fitness equipment, offer a great price, and provide excellent customer service.


Get Fitness brings many experienced years of exceptional working relationships with the communities we work in.We strive each day to produce and maintain a healthy community by providing an environment that is fun and affordable to work out in.


Our ability to take each part of a common fitness center and enhance its technology and professionalism to the highest caliber is unparalleled and created the product we call Get Fitness. Our cardio machines consist of the newest on the market treadmills, cross-trainers, stair masters, cycling, recumbent, and seated stationary and virtual spinning bikes. Almost all of our locations offer individual 17 inch high definition flat screen TV's on the cardio equipment that allows your workout time to fly by.

The Strengths training equipment at Get Fitness is pushing the envelope through innovation and technology. We carry a full circuit line of latest technology enhanced free weights, which are assisted machines and weight selector equipment.

Group Fitness

You can enjoy working out in one of our Group Fitness Classes, which will help you to burn some serious calories. Group Fitness is a great addition to out facility. Our classes range from dance influenced rhythmic movements to body sculpting and step equipments.

If you are looking for a professional, comfortable setting for both men and women with affordable pricing and serious fitness then Get Fitness is the club for you. Visit us for a 1 day free pass and see why you would want to become a part of our fitness family. Get Fitness is here to make a healthier America; one body at a time.

Don't Weight Till It's Too Late... Get Fitness!